Web Design & Development

First impressions count and your website tells viewers all about you, what your business is, what you are offering, and more. Your website can be anything from a static digital calling card (“brochure site”) to a fully interactive web presence with dynamic graphics, forms, shopping carts, etc. If you are an artist or photographer, you need a stylish gallery website to showcase your work. If you are an author, you can publish your thoughts in a blog. Your website can also be an integral part of your content distribution on Social Media.

A website is the best promotional tool you can have in our current digital environment. It is therefore imperative it’s the best it can be – both from the viewer’s perspective, as well as your perspective in terms of maintaining and updating the content. Equally important is “Search Engine Optimizing”, encouraging search engines to interpret and index your site correctly. Well-planned and well-coded pages are essential for high rankings on search engine results.

When you’re ready to get started, contact me for an initial consultation, by phone or in person. This will clarify your project requirements, allowing me to recommend the best solution for your needs. Careful planning before the start of development is essential. If you plan to sell products or services on-line, you’ll need a product database, shopping cart and online payment system. Whatever your requirements are, I can recommend the best solution, taking budget and time constraints into consideration.

A “Content Management System” (CMS) such as WordPress will give you the ability to manage your own content and updates in a user-friendly interface.

Clients have input regarding the ‘front end’ design and graphics, we work together to find a ‘look’ you love. Only then does the technical programming start to build the pages. The site pages will be coded according to current  standards and “best practices”.  New sites are tested cross-browser and cross-platform to ensure consistency. Responsive layouts are tested to adjust in mobile phones, tables and desktop screen sizes.

wordpress-120For WordPress websites clients can chose to update posts and pages themselves, or I can provide that service as required. Additionally, core files, and plugins need to be updated regularly to maintain security standards. Site owners can do them themselves, or sign up for a maintenance plan.

Contact me for information about website redesign and site maintenance options, I will provide a realistic quote based on your requirements.