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wordpress-120WordPress is one of the most popular open-source “Content Management Systems” (CMS) in use world-wide today. It allows endless advanced features to be activated without the need for elaborate and expensive custom coding. However, websites running on WordPress require ongoing monitoring and maintenance. It is highly recommended routine software updates are processed as soon as released to maintain stability and security. AnnaGraphics can take care of this for you. See the below plans, and scroll down for a Q & A section.


  • WordPress Core updates
  • Plugin and themes updates.
  • 24/7 Security monitoring
  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring
  • Multiple Local Backups
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  • The Essentials & Premium Plans plus:
  • SEO optimizing (main pages)
  • Malware monitoring by Sucuri
  • Monthly Google Analytics report
  • 1 hr/month custom edits*
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* Time does not rollover.  Additional time charged at $70/hr.

**Backups are essential, and your website is only as good as your last backup. Storage options include saving backup files inside the website folder, a DropBox location (adequate for small sites), or a cloud server such as Amazon s3. Full restoration from backup after a catastrophic failure, or migration to a new web host, is not included. Contact us for more information.

For websites developed by AnnaGraphics, the Essentials Plan is included for 3 months after the launch date.
WordPress website owners who chose not to sign up for a maintenance plan can take charge of their own websites to perform software updates and backups.

See below for Q & A – click the + sign for answers.

Can I do the updates myself?

Yes, if you are comfortable working in the WordPress admin interface, you can chose to perform your own WordPress updates and configure your backup settings. However, please be aware that on rare occasions core and plugin updates can cause incompatibility issues, or change customized settings. Should a problem occur due to delayed updates, a security breach or other unforeseen events, AnnaGraphics is available to repair and/or restore your site from your most recent backup.  The rate of $70/hr will apply.

What is the payment schedule?

You can submit your payment in one annual fee, or a 6/months increments. AnnaGraphics does not accept online credit card payment at this time.

Why does my website get spam comments?

When you let viewers post comments, you also open the door for spam comments. Ways to prevent this includes signing up for Akismet  (3rd party fee may apply) and installation of a ‘capcha’ plugin. This can make it harder for automated bots to submit comments. Some spam comments can look deceptively like a valid comments, and it’s important not to approve any ‘fake’ comments. Once too many spam comments accumulate they need to be deleted to avoid overloading the database.

Can I upgrade after signing up for the Essentials plan?

You can always upgrade to the next level. The service features will take affect as soon as payment is received.

Where are the backups stored?

For full security and peace of mind, both the database, and the installation and “Uploads” folder need to be stored in multiple locations. Copies are stored within the hosting root folder, and additional copies can be stored in a DropBox account, your own cloud server, and/or on the AnnaGraphics Amazon s3 servers. The size of the backup will also determine whether it can be stored in a DropBox account, or require a more robust solution.

What is included with the SEO settings option?

SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) is critical to the success of your site. WordPress already writes SEO-friendly pages by default, but Pages and Posts can benefit from custom tweaking of keywords and descriptions. Although there are no guarantees for better placement in the SERP’s, making sure a website complies as much as possible with current “best practices” for SEO, can help improve its rank.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your plan any time, but no refunds will be given. Please contact us to make alternate arrangements – part of the paid-for but unused fees may be applied to website edits.

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